Help Pacxon fill empty level space and build walls to trap the onrushing clan of angry ghosts.

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Zigzag across the game board and capture ghosts in this classic arcade style game. Once you clear 75% of the game board you will automatically move on to the next level. Skill and strategy is the name of the game. Be sure to power-up with the fruit bonuses: eat the cherries and Pacxon moves faster. Gobble up the bananas and the ghosts move slower. Just make sure you avoid the ghosts at all costs. If you touch one you lose a life. Fusing classic arcade graphics, a stylized soundtrack, and easy gameplay, Pacxon is an addictive game.


  • Characters from PacMan game
  • Simple controls and gameplay
  • Innovative gameplay with classic characters
  • 50 levels
  • Classic arcade sound and music


  • Move with WASD or arrow keys

Tips and tricks

  • Do not let the monsters touch Pacxon or the wall that follows him
  • Fill up empty spaces quickly just by closing them with border lines
  • Fruits are power ups that give you speed advantage
  • Don't let monsters touch you or the wall you build
  • Pick up power ups if they are close and ignore those too far away