Help Pacxon fill empty level space and build walls to trap the onrushing clan of angry ghosts.

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Pacxon is an addictive arcade style game inspired by Pacman with a unique gameplay. In this game, the objective of each level is to fill up or capture at least 75% of the game board by zigzagging from wall to wall. In the meantime, avoid the ghosts and do not let any of them touch you or the wall you build. You will lose a life any of the ghosts touches you.

There are 50 challenging levels. Each time you advance to the next level, it gets harder and harder with more ghosts wandering in the same game board at varying speed and purposes.

There will also be fruits such as cherries, bananas, popsicles and pills that will appear randomly on the game to help you clear pacxon levels.


  • Classic characters from PacMan game
  • Simple controls
  • Innovative, easy yet addictive gameplay with high replayability
  • Different fruits and ghosts to spice up the game
  • Classic and stylized arcade sound and music


  • Move with WASD or arrow keys

Tips and tricks

  • Build strategic quick walls to trap ghosts onto a smaller area
  • Observe the behavior of each type of ghosts
  • Pick up power ups if they are close and ignore those too far away
  • Grab pills to eat the ghosts up
  • Eat cherries to make Pacxon move faster
  • Bananas make ghosts move slower
  • Popsicles stop ghosts from moving